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Anny’s Plastic Tableware, founded in 2007, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of food packaging and catering products. We specialize in thermoform moulded disposable plastic cups plates, bowls; injection moulded plastic glasses, disposable plastic cutlery, plastic plates and bowls; household aluminum foils and containers, imprinted plastic cups, elegant plastic dinnerware,biodegradable tableware, cups, plates and containers and more. We strive to build the confidence and loyalty of our customer by continually providing value.

Annys Plastic Tableware- leading food packaging and disposable dinnerware manufacturer, exporter of catering products to several countries. Call for more info

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12oz clear PLA cups for cold drinking
12oz/400ml Disposable Clear Biodegradable PLA Cold Drinking Cup-PLAC1201

These bioplastic 12oz/400ml clear cold drinking cups are made from pol...

PET deli container with hinged lid, PET clamshell for salad, deli
Disposable PET Deli, Salad Clamshell 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 32oz

Disposable plastic PET clamshell for deli, salad 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz...

98mm PET tall dome lid for PET ice cream cups
5oz/8oz/12oz Disposable Plastic PET Cup with Tall Dome Lid for Ice Cream

Disposable plastic PET cups with tall dome lids for ice cream, dessert...

light weight 6" bioplastic PLA cutlery, spoon, knife, fork
6″ Light Weight Disposable PLA plastic cutlery-APL001

These bioplastic 6" light weight disposable cutlery are made from poly...

32oz microwaveable PP deli pots 1000ml deli containers with lids
32oz/1000ml Microwaveable PP Deli Container-ADP3201

Made from food graded polypropylene(PP), the 32oz/1000ml deli containe...

microwaveable PP deli pots with lids 16oz/500cc
16oz/500cc Microwaveable PP Deli Pot with Lid-ADP16

Made from food graded polypropylene(PP), the 16oz/500cc deli pots are ...

8oz microwaveable PP deli pots, 240ml PP deli container with lid
8oz/240ml Microwaveable PP Deli Pots-ADP801

Made from food graded polypropylene(PP), the 8oz/240ml deli pots are d...

12oz biodegradable bagasse sugarcane bowls, 350ml bagasse soup bowls
12oz/350ml Biodegradable Bagasse Sugarcane Fiber Bowl-BGB12

12oz/350ml Biodegradable compostable bagasse sugarcane fiber bowls ...

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