Extra Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Cutlery-ACS011

The extra heavy weight knife, fork, spoon are made from hard plastic polystyrene(PS) and metalicezed finish, make the cutleries look like just stainless steel made. The knife is with curve design, giving it unique and elegant look. Extra heavy weight cuteries are fantastic for formal occasions like weddings, parties, evens or other occasions where you want the look of permanent ware but withou worry about the hassle or expense. The cutlery is either disposble or rising out for a few reuses.

Color: Available in silver or gold color coated or other colors made.

Packing: Individual wrapped, Kit wrapped, Kit wrapped with napkin or salt, pepper etc, bulk packing are all available.

Product Specs.

Description Knife Fork Spoon
Material PS PS PS
Weight(g) 7.0 6.5 6.5
Length(cm) 19.6 18.3 18.7
Length(in) 7.7 7.2 7.4