When To Go With Disposable Tableware

Whether you’re planning a company picnic, hosting a party, or just putting together a family get together it’s always a hassle trying to decide how you want to go about preparing for it. More often than not picking up supplies is the most expensive and time consuming part of planning an event, usually because it can be difficult to find and decide exactly what you’ll need. Should you go the cheaper route and pick up disposable tableware, or get something that will last longer even if it costs more in the end? There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you finally settle down on a decision.PET plastic juice cup, dessert tray and cutlery

First of all you should look at the level of formality for the event. The more casual the setting, the better an option disposable plates and silverware becomes. Particularly if the event is a sort of “come as you are” type thing like a picnic or party. If the event is more formal (read: dress clothing/suit and tie) then you may want to go with something more lasting like glass plates and metal silverware. It’s all about setting the right tone for the event.

You’ll also want to take a look at where the event is being held. Having your event outdoors is the perfect time to go disposable, especially if it’s somewhere that people will be up and about. When people are moving around with their food, it’s always a worry that a plate will get dropped and broken, but disposable tableware is easily replaced and will likely get thrown away when the event is over anyway. Indoor events are still good options for disposable tableware but going back to looking at the level of formality, they’re a much better choice for sturdier tableware.

Lastly you’re going to want to look at how many people are going to be three or, more precisely, how much you’re going to need to buy. A large event with many people can end up being quite costly depending on how many are attending. If you don’t have an appropriate budget set aside or simply don’t know for sure how many people are going to be there, ordering extras is always a good idea. Disposable tableware is cheaper and can even be saved for later if you end up with leftovers.

It’s not always the best option for some events, but by and large events with a lot of people where cost is an issue and the worry of being to casual isn’t, using disposable plates and silverware just makes more sense.

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