Easy Dessert Catering Tips

Catering can be a tough business to get started in, especially if you don’t have a whole lot of catering experience or you’re still in the first months to years of your catering service. That’s okay, though, everyone starts somewhere! With experience things are bound to get easier and easier until they’re second nature, but until they are here’s some tips for catering desserts to help you on your way.

Before anything else, presentation is one of your first and foremost concerns. It doesn’t matter how good something tastes, if it isn’t pleasing to the eye then people aren’t going to want to eat it. You should carefully plan out how you want your desserts to look long before the event, especially if your client needs or wants their food presented in a certain fashion. A good way to add some class to your desserts before you even make them is to choose the right serving implements. You can find cheap, great looking disposable plastic plates and dishes online that will make your desserts stand out just with what they’re standing on.

Another great tip is to avoid bulky desserts like cakes, pies, and puddings. If you have to serve it from the same dish or container it’s a no go. Not only will people have to bring their own plates to be served, but it can end up looking and being messy as the event goes on. Instead, go for small, single serving desserts like cake or brownie squares and put them on individual plates. This way the guests can pick and choose what they want without having to lug around a plate and they can just toss it when they’re done, cutting down on cleanup time as well!

Last but not least, make sure you have plenty of options for guests to try. That means you should have as wide a vareity of desserts as you can manage, but also make sure that you keep potential dietary restrictions in mind. Try to have diabetic friendly and gluten free options on hand (you can always ask your client if these are necessary beforehand, but always be ready just in case) and also make sure to have nut free options as well for guests with dangerous allergies (these should be prepared in a nut free environment as a safety precaution).

Keep these in mind as you prepare desserts for catering your next event and you’ll be able to see for yourself what a huge difference they make first hand!

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