PET Deli Pot

The plastic PET deli pot is made of recyclable PET plastic for durability and complete product visibility. Ideal for pastas, puddings, sauces, salads, olives, coleslaw and other cold takeaway foods.

Anny’s Plastic Tableware supplies PET deli pot at 8OZ, 12OZ, 16OZ, 24OZ, 32OZ and more. Bespoke imprinting, custom sizes and designs are available.

Anny’s Plastic Tableware supplies a wide range of PET products for food and beverage packaging. There are PET cups for drinking, sample tasting, portion, ice cream, PET pots for deli, salad, PET bowls for salad and so on. Assorted lids for the PET cups, pots, bowls are available.