Stress Saving Tips For a Child’s Birthday Party

Children's Birthday PartyBirthday parties are always a fun time for the partygoers, but for a parent doing all of the planning it can be incredibly stressful. There’s managing the RSVPs, making sure that the party decorations and gifts are ready, and then finally setting the whole thing up yourself on the day of the party. All of that work can lead to a boatload of stress if you’re not prepared, luckily here’s a few tips to help you pull off stress free party preparations for your child’s next birthday.

1.Do as much as possible as early as possible.

The more that you can get done before the date of the party the better. If you’re not making a cake yourself, make sure to order it as early as possible. That way you can be sure it’s done and done to your specifications with plenty of time for changes. Also make sure to have all the decorations bought and stored away, meaning all you need to do on the day of is set it up. Also make sure to schedule any entertainment as early ahead of time as possible to prevent any scheduling conflicts or the possibility of said entertainment not being available on the date you need.

2.Buy extras of everything!

The RSVP list for a children’s birthday party can change in an instant. Whether a child gets sick and ends up not being able to make it or plans change and a canceled RSVP turns into a +2, you should be prepared to serve more than the maximum amount of guests you invited. That way you’re never short on food, plates, or party favors and can even end up with extra for any parents that help stay to chaperone. Be sure to buy extra plates and silverware too, excited kids are prone to running and dropping their plates, making disposables a must.

3.Chaperone in shifts.

You may love children, especially yours, but even so it can be stressful to watch a large group of children for hours at a time. Be sure to ask if any of the other childrens’ parents would be willing to help chaperone and be sure to set up a rotating schedule so no one parent is stuck with the entire group alone for too long. Maybe even go as far as setting up a “grown ups only” area away from the party where adults can relax in peace before their shift.

The number one tip, though, is whenever possible try not to do it alone. If you take the entire burden of planning and execution on yourself, you’re bound to end up stressed out. Just make sure not to overfill your plate and things are sure to go smoothly and stress free.

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