How to prepare for the family picnic?

Summer is coming, it means the best season for picnic is coming. Picnic is a perfect way to gather everyone together to share foods and funs.

How to prepare the family picnic?

1. Choose a sunshine weekend when everyone is free for the picnic.

2. Choose an appropriate place.
Picnic can be hold at any places outdoor-at beaches, nearby parks, or just your courtyard. Be sure to listen to any suggestions that your family might have to choose a perfect place for everyone.

3. Prepare a picnic basket.
You need to prepare a basket to put foods and dishes etc. Size of the basket depends on how many foods you need to bring.

4. Prepare foods and drinks.
Sandwiches, cookies, chips, hot dogs, pies, fried chickens, salads, fruits, vegetables, fruit punch, lemonade, soda, bottle water are all classic foods and drinks. Finger goods are the most comfort to serve and eat. Remember you can always prepare and serve some exotic foods and you can go to local market for some ideas. You can prepare a cooler to keep the foods and drinks fresh.

5. Cups, dishes and cutleries for picnic foods and drinks.
The disposable plastic cups, dishes and cutleries are most ideal for picnic foods and drinks. They are light and convenient to bring. Easy to use and dispose.

6. Fun games and activities for picnic.
You need to organize some fun games and activities for everyone. Soccer, volleyball are all great games for picnic.

7. Make sure have a great time.
After all, the picnic is for people to be relaxed and have a great time in the weekends.

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