Party Snack Ideas You Can Make Ahead of Time

Let’s be honest, when you’re throwing a party do you really want to be spending your time cooking, preparing, or doing work when you could be enjoying your time with your guests? Of course not, I can’t think of a single person who would! For many parties and social events the focus often ends up being the food so picking out foods and snacks you can prepare ahead of time and have ready frees up your time the day of your event and makes serving and entertaining a breeze.


Salads are a great way to serve a healthy and tasty snack without much work prepping. Whether you’re putting together a tasty garden salad, hearty bean or potato salad, sweet and chilled fruit salad, or flavorful pasta salad it’s simple to put together the ingredients the night or even a few nights before and store them until the day of your party. Just be sure to store them properly to prevent wilting in your veggies.

2.Cheese, Cracker, and Meat Trays.

Of course you’ve seen these at the store in the deli section but they cost a fortune and you don’t always get what you want because they’re made before you get them. You can put together a tray of your own for a fraction of the price and guarantee all of your (our your guests’) favorites are on it. Make them separately or make one giant party platter with everything on it!

3.Individual Desserts.

These are a piece of cake, almost literally! It’s simple to put together small, individual serving desserts before your party (even up to a few days depending on what you make) and just refrigerate them until they’re ready to be brought out. You can plate them individually on disposable plates so you and your guests don’t have to clean up when they’re done, too.

Don’t spend hours slaving away in the kitchen when it’s your party, prepare these simple snacks early and enjoy your hard work!

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