Easy To Make Home Halloween Crafts

When it comes to enjoying the holidays some people look forward to the music and movies each season is known for while others get excited for the food and tasty treats. If you ask me the number one reason to be excited for the holidays is the decorations, especially Halloween! There’s just something about fun, spooky, and silly decorations that make Halloween different from other holiday decorating. If you love decorating for Halloween as much as I do, you’re going to love these fun and simple crafts you can make out of inexpensive household ingredients.

One of my favorite indoor/outdoor decorations to put together are hanging ghosts. All you need is a black marker (like a Sharpie), some white plastic bags, and disposable plastic cups or plastic milk jugs as well as some string (or clear fishing line) to hang them. All you need to do is cut the milk jugs in half or put the cups upside down, put holes through the top/bottom, and knot the string or line through the cups. Then draw faces on your white plastic bags with the marker, drape over the plastic forms, and hang for a simple, spooky ghost decoration easy enough for kids to make!

Another easy favorite of mine are plate pumpkins! All you need for these are orange plastic plates (don’t use paper, they tend to get damaged easier and not last as long) and some colored markers as well as optionally a pair of scissors. Decorate the face of the plate however you’d like to make it look like a jack o’ lantern and even cut them out in the shape of a pumpkin if you want. Then just hang them up or tape them to the windows for mess free pumpkin decorating! Halloween decorations don’t have to cost a fortune, you can make them yourself and have tons of fun spending time with your family!

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