Baking Personal Cakes For Parties

When it comes to party treats, you don’t get much better than the moist deliciousness that is a rich, flavorful cake. Cakes taste great and there’s a ton of different kinds and ways to decorate them, the only problem is that there are so many kinds that it’s difficult to please everyone with just one kind of cakes. How many times have you gone to someone’s birthday only to not enjoy the cakes because they like one kind of cakes and you didn’t or theirs had a ton of frosting and you’re trying to watch your calories? Cake problems are a thing of the past when you put together personal cakes for your next party.

Why personal cakes? Well, for starters the prep work is only a little more difficult than a regular cake and it also means there’s plenty for your and your guests to enjoy as well! You can make different kinds of cakes with different kinds of frostings and the personal size of each cake is great for sharing or sending home afterward with your guests. They’ll love that you put the extra effort into making the party memorable and you’ll love not having to choose between chocolate and red velvet!

The key to put personal cakes together is choosing the right baking tools. Buying several cake pans can end up getting expense fast and if you want to send the cakes home after the party you’ve got to dish them up onto separate plates or hope that nothing happens to your cake pans when you send them home with your guests, assuming they don’t forget to return them! Skip all the hassle at once and go with disposable aluminum caking pans. They’re cheap, easy to get online, and best of all you can pick the size you want so your individual cakes turn out perfect! Best of all you can give them away without worrying about cleaning etc.

From there you just have to pick what kinds of mixes you want (make sure you get something for everyone!) and get the baking itself done. You can even ask your guests what their favorite kind of cake is then they RSVP and have custom cakes ready when they get there, it’s all up to you! Personal cakes are the perfect way to show your party guests how much you care while reaping the delicious rewards yourself as well!

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