5 Reasons PET Beer Cups are a Must Have for a Tailgate Party

PET plastic drink cupsAny sports fan knows how important the tailgate party is. You’re getting pumped up for the big game and hanging out with other fans. It’s the perfect way to get in the mood to cheer for your team (or try to convince your best friend that they’re rooting for the wrong side).

You’ve already loaded the truck up with snacks and drinks but if you’re going for anything but PET beer cups for your drinks you’re making a mistake. Here are five reasons you should stock up on disposable plastic cups as tailgate season gets started.

1.Clean up is so much easier with disposable cups and tableware. There is no hauling dirty dishes home to wash later. You just toss them all in a bag to throw away or recycle and you can head in to the game. No mess, no hassle, just easy.

2.You’ll save money using plastic beer cups. Not only can you buy them in bulk and save a nice chunk of cash, but drinks are cheaper. Rather than buying cans of beer and soda you can get a keg or growler and two liter bottles of soda. It’s amazing how much cheaper drinks are when you’re not paying for the cans.

3.They’re safer than cans, bottles, or glasses. If someone drops one it’s not going to break into glass shards or sharp metal. This is especially important if you’re bringing kids to the game. An injury is the fastest way to ruin the excitement of a sporting event. On top of that, a lot of venues have bans on any tableware made of glass or ceramics.

4.They come in all kinds of designs. Plastic cups aren’t just plain red cups anymore. You can get different colors, styles, and even plastic printed cups with logos or pictures on them without paying a fortune. That way you can let everyone know who you’re rooting for just by raising your glass!

5.Buy once, be set for the entire season. Since they don’t take up much space you can just keep them in the truck and its one less thing you need to worry about when planning and getting ready for your party. Don’t forget to add on plastic silverware and disposable plates to your order so you have it all ready!

Plastic disposable cups are great for tailgate parties, but that’s not all they’re fantastic for. Don’t just stop at the tailgate, you can use disposable cups for all of your pregame parties and even on the day of the big game like the Superbowl or during the Final Four. You don’t have to worry about spending hours cleaning up your disposable cups and dishes after the party, just toss them out or recycle them. You can even get plastic printed cups for each of the competing teams so everyone can root for their favorites, and do it much cheaper than buying glass logo cups or glasses.

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